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Quality Management & Leadership Academy

Business Consulting

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Having our finger on the pulse!

Creating or enhancing your business infrastructure can be difficult without the proper tools and techniques. Understanding what the market demands can be very challenging for the most innovative company. Separating your business from the competition requires ingenuity, purpose, strategy, execution, and a strategic business partner that knows how to navigate those waters. Starting with understanding and optimizing your business processes, we will help you develop and execute a strategy that is specific to your business needs, goals, and aspirations. We will work with your management and project teams to come up with an executable plan that includes key milestones, specific communications, timeline, and resource needs. 

The way we structured are consulting business involves seven steps that we consistently follow without fail. Based on best practices and experience this fundamental approach has governed how we do business from our conception.

1. Provide Information: 

Our first goal is to understand what you need and provide the necessary information to satisfy that need. We collect the necessary internal and external data to help us determine the best recommendation to help you achieve goals. 

2. Solve Problems:

We are in business to solve problems. Regardless of the complexity, we are equipped to narrow down the root cause of any problem, identify the best solution, and work with your teams to execute and standardize the solution across your organization. 

3. Effective Diagnosis:

We believe in rolling up our sleeves and get down in the weeds to understand the root cause of your problems. Our motto is that we go where the action is taking place. We carefully inspect the process in question and provide an effective diagnosis of what is causing the problem to occur.

4. Recommending Action Steps:

In partnership with our effective diagnosis process, we put together a detail Root Cause Analysis with recommended action steps that can be easily followed. With any change event we propose, we provide an implementation plan to is customized to fit your business structure to ensure there is very minimal disruption to your business. 

5. Implementing Change:

Implementing change can be a very intimidating process for many corporate executives and small business owners. Through our five steps process, we ensure implementing change whether its organizational or company wide is met with minimal resistance. We have adopted a battle tested structure that has yielded great success when implementing change. 

6. Building Consensus & Commitment:

It is never a good idea for an executive or business owner to move forward with an initiative without first gaining consensus & commitment from the leadership and staff. We work with every level within an organization to understand, address, and eliminate all barriers that may derail the initiative. To accomplish this, we diligently work with all key stakeholders and employees involved in making sure the initiative is implemented with success.  

7. Facilitate Client Learning:

Through our practical problem solving approach we teach our clients how to fish. Our goal is to make sure you know, understand, and can easily apply the tools and methods we use to solving problems. 

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