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Quality Management & Leadership Academy

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"The most powerful gift you can give to a person or business is your willingness to pass on your knowledge, experiences, and expertise."
~Maurice C. Spann~ 

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Management Advisor

One of the most challenging issues in business is having the confidence to quickly make decisions. With over 15 years of advisory experience, our job is to make your decision making process as painless as possible. Based on the type of problem, we provide the best course of action for completing the work with very minimal impact to your business. Our team is equipped to collect, analyze, and present data that can easily be interpreted.

Group Facilitator

Getting a team from forming to performing can be very difficult. We have experience working with teams to navigate through the different levels of team dynamics. With over 15 years of experience, we are able to quickly identify issue(s) preventing the team from effectively working together as a cohesive unit. We provide various exercises to build camaraderie. We teach conflict resolution to ensure the team is able work through issues effectively.

Change Management Guide

Change happens on an individual level. Project teams has always struggle with implementing change. With over 15 years of experience as Change Agents, we have identified the true recipe for effective change management. Our team has successfully guided clients through organizational transformation. Through our structured approach, clients are able to successfully move from strategy to execution with minimum resistance.

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