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Quality Management & Leadership Academy

Collaboration Is Key

A seed cannot germinate without having a few main contributors; soil, water, minerals, and fertilizer. Like the seed, your vision cannot come to fruition without God, an encourager, and a doubter. I called these contributors your power team. Without them your vision will not survive the storms of life. Each member plays a critical role in helping your vision to come to life. In the absence of their input, your vision runs the risk of drowning in the sea of complacency. 

There was an old man who was advanced in years and thought he was closed to death. He thought he achieved everything he wanted in life, so he was ready to be with his maker. One day while lying in bed he received a vision. Startled by what he saw, he quickly opens his eyes and questioned was it from him or God. This old man was a believer in Christ and what he saw is his vision was only something God could do.

The man did not have any children to leave all his worldly possession and his wife was well passed childbearing age. But the vision entailed the two of them having a child through natural childbirth. The excitement of this vision swelled in his heart and soul. The old man quickly realized the potential payoff if his vision came to true. The payoff would be a child of his own that would carry on his name. He started writing down everything he saw in his mind because he didn’t want to forget not one-minute detail.

His purpose was to make sure he had total recall when he told the vision to the members of his power team. He even went through pros and cons to reconcile his feelings to avoid being disappointed if it didn’t come to fruition. He began rehearsing his words he would tell his wife and family members. He knew the one person he had to convince was his wife.

That night he approached God through his prayers and asked if his vision was from Him. The old man and his wife always yearned for a child of their own but never was able to conceive. God answered the man and told him that the vision was from Him. God explained to the old man that He heard his prayers and as his loving Father wanted to give him the desires of his heart. The old man smiled and thank God for loving him so much to do something so kind and generous. The next morning the old man woke up with a smile on his face. He looked over at his wife and said, “guess what God showed me?” Intently his wife looked into his eyes and asked, “what did God show you? I don’t want to guess.” God showed me that we are going to have a baby, the old man said. His wife giggled and got up from the bed to use the bathroom.

Angered by his wife’s response, the old man got up from his bed and walked to the kitchen to get a drink of water. Little did he know that his nephew was in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal and watching television. The old man looked at his nephew and said, “your aunt and I are going to have a baby.” The nephew said, “that is awesome. When will she have the baby?” The uncle replied, “within the next two years.” The nephew hugged his uncle and told him how happy he was and couldn’t wait for the little brat to come.

The old man returned to his bedroom to further discuss his vision with his wife. His wife saw the disappointment in his face because she didn’t believe and said, “I am too old to have a baby. It is virtually impossible for me to get pregnant.” The old man replied, “This is from God and He is the only One who can make this vision come true.” His wife snickered and said, “we will see.” Approximately two years later, the old couple welcomed their child into the world.

The old man’s power team was God, his wife, and nephew. God who is the author and finisher of everything, already knew what was about to transpire. All He needed was for the old man to believe. His nephew was the encourager and helped the old man to believe what he saw in his vision could happen. His wife was the doubter because she only could see what she could do. She could not look pass her and her husband’s limitations.

Although this story was adopted from the story of Abraham and Sarah, this scenario plays out in many people’s lives daily. When we are faced with something so much bigger than ourselves it takes a power team to entice our tenacity to achieve it. Like I said before everyone plays a critical role. God helps us to believe He is all we need to do what He has called us to do. He is so gracious that He sends people to encourage us when we think our efforts are hopeless. Then God gave us this inner strength to prove people wrong when they want to doubt our ability to stick with what He has shown us.

See collaboration is key and sharing your vision is the first step to believing that God will bring it to fruition. If you understand the role each member of your power team plays, you will not have to worry about someone sabotaging your vision. As much as you don’t want to believe it, doubters are important to your success. I work my hardest when I know someone is waiting for me to fail. I literally put my all in it and seek God the entire time to ensure I have what I needed to succeed.

You will be faced with many tough times on your journey to success. Things will appear to be hopeless at times. But if you stick with it you will come up victorious in the end. Here is Wisdom: Stay on your knees and meditate on God’s words daily (Joshua 1:8). I would also inspire you to accept the words from your encouragers and remember the words of your doubters. At each stage of bringing your vision to life, you will have those things to give you the added fuel to move forward. You will not and cannot fail if your vision comes from God. If you are willing to work hard, there is no vision you cannot achieve through the blessing and honor of God.