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Quality Management & Leadership Academy

Death of Your Vision is in Your Comfort Zone

I'm remember reading a story about the proper way to boil a live frog in an uncover pot. A frog feels comfortable and safe in water. Instinctively the frog knows it can escape from danger by submerging and swimming very fast in ponds and rivers. See one of the cool things about a frog is its ability to adapt to its environment. However, that same ability can be detrimental to the frog, especially in this situation. As the water becomes hotter and hotter, the frog adapts to the water’s temperature. It does not realize its being boiled alive. Like the frog, many of us do not realize we are being boiled alive by our environment and circumstances. We adapt believing that we can overcome the heat and decide not to jump out of the heating pot. We choose to stick in there because we do not want to be viewed as someone who cannot stand the heat. We allow ourselves to be locked into our false sense of security and fail to the see the subtle danger looming in front of us.

Eventually the frog becomes too tired to jump out of the pot and therefore is finally boiled alive. The same happens to us but instead of being boiled alive, many us become victims to our circumstances. We find ourselves in difficult situations and unable to move because either we are too afraid or do not see our way out. Well with an action plan, our next move becomes clear because we have planned correctly and thought it through. We have taken the time to map out our steps and figure out what we need to do to accomplish our vision. At the time of me writing this chapter our Country is in turmoil. We have been in isolation due to the Coronavirus and the death of many African Americans due to police brutality. These unnecessary circumstances are happening due to the lack of action planning. Although many of us are not faced with issues that have global or national consequences. However, the effects of not having an action plan could cause the same level of devastation in our immediate family and the generations to come.

Having the right perspective is the key to having the correct mindset. The leaders of our Country were more focused on their political careers that they failed to see and prepare for this pandemic. The same could be said about the racial divide we are experiencing today in the White and African American communities. When we have the right mindset, we tend to lean on the side of loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. We create an environment where everyone can experience the same level of equal opportunities. We create action plans that build and not alienate anyone. We adopt a mentality that no person is left without or behind. We are stronger together and therefore everyone is valuable and add value to the whole.

If your current mindset breed fear or complacency you are destined to fail before you begin. The change you would like to see starts in your mind. The health of your reality depends on the type of thinking you entertain. Here is Wisdom: The most powerful thing that every human being possess is the ability to reason with oneself. Reasoning lives in the mind and the mind governs our aptitude to change. Let’s revisit the scenario with the frog. Animals do not have the ability to reason but act on instinct. Instinctively the frog was comfortable in the water because it correlated its environment to what was familiar. In the pond or lake the water temperature change but not enough to boil the frog. It never had to adapts itself to the point of exhaustion so the frogaragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.