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Quality Management & Leadership Academy





Personal and Business Transformation

Transforming You As A Person & Your Business One Article At A Time

There was an old man who was advanced in years and thought he was closed to death. He thought he achieved everything he wanted in life, so he was ready to be with his maker. One day while lying in bed he received a vision. Startled by what he saw, he quickly opens his eyes and questioned was it from him or God. This old man was a believer in Christ and what he saw is his vision was only something God could do. Read more

The scenario you constantly play in your mind will dictate the type of future you will receive. For example: many people deal with chronic health issues. Unfortunately, they have already decided in their mind that this is their penance in life because of past decision. However, what they decide today could either exacerbate their health issues or start them down the path to complete healing. The battle for healing starts in the mind.  Read more

There is a saying, “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” I can recall at a young age accessing what I wanted to be in life. Thinking about where I wanted to live. Contemplating things I wanted to accomplish and by when. Although I was commended by my teachers for being a young visionary, I did not have a roadmap to help put my thoughts into action. Read more

A frog feels comfortable and safe in water. Instinctively the frog knows it can escape from danger by submerging and swimming very fast in ponds and rivers. See one of the cool things about a frog is its ability to adapt to its environment. However, that same ability can be detrimental to the frog, especially in this situation. Read more

Your purpose corresponds with your fulfillment in life. When you are fulfilled you are more prone to help others who are in need. On the flip side when someone sees your joy as you pursue your vision, they are inspired to pursue the vision that was cast over their lives. Read more